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Betty Peralta(non-registered)
What fantastic photos! Really enjoying Birding 101!!
Diana Boufford(non-registered)
Wow! You captured such beauty!!!!! Thank you
Kathryn Britton(non-registered)
What an eye! I'll keep this in my "positive portfolio" -- places to visit when I need a boost. Thank you for taking the time to share.
Katherine Runyon(non-registered)
Thank you!
So glad you have put these up! I love having them here to look through.
Uncle Bobe(non-registered)
Wow! I loved the chipmunck waving at me. The grizzly bear is awesome. All the rest of the pictures are exhibit quality. Your photo looks great.
Anita Erdmann(non-registered)
Awesome site! So happy to be able to view your work!
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